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Two Affordable web based tools to simplify your small business's low-contact customer experiences.

1 The Virtual Concierge

Experience Lineless Check Ins

For Hotels • Offices • Clinics • Rental Desks

Who wants to wait in a crowded lobby just to check in? With a little planning ahead and our Virtual Concierge, your guests can skip uncomfortable lines and streamline their arrival process whether you are a hotel, rental desk, or office.

No downloads required. Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile-ready.

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2 The Curbside Wizard

Order Status Notifications

For Dining • Retail • Packaged Goods

How do you minimize crowd sizes when customers rush to pick up orders all at once? A little planning ahead and the Curbside Wizard can help manage the confusion. This easy-to-use system provides 2-way order status notifications and a 'check in upon arrival' feature to simplify the process.

No downloads required. Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile-ready.

Virtual Checkin for Curbside Pickups

How it Works

Virtual Lines for Peace of Mind

At its most basic level...

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iPlannedAhead.com is a standalone web-based mobile and desktop application.

It allows small businesses in industries like hotel, office/dental, and retail to offer their customers low-contact digital interactions without the cost of developing a proprietary, costly app OR the purchase of additional digital devices or downloads. Since alerts are delivered via email and encrypted links that expire automatically, no additional accounts or cumbersome logins are required for their end users.

Where it Fits in to Your Day...

For businesses that rely on low contact interactions, our tools address the most prominent consumer experience complaints like gaps in communication and lack of awareness of procedures. Simplified and automated 2-way communication can increase your customer service and communication abilities without increasing the burden on your staff.

Your Consumer Experiences...

You already provide PPE to keep guests and coworkers safe, our digital tools add another layer of protection for employees and consumers alike. By providing employees with a standardized tool to coordinate low contact interactions, you can reduce confusion during consumer interactions and increase peace of mind on both sides of the exchange.

Our Emphasis on Ease of Use...

With iPlannedAhead.com, there is no need to replace your existing booking engine nor need to learn complicated new software. iPlannedAhead stands alone as a simple check in tool to be used as needed. It requires only minimal information to reference appointments or orders within your existing systems.

For the Cost of a Box of Masks...

You can provide the technology to streamline low contact interactions all month long and access additional resources to let your consumers and coworkers know you care.

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Virtual Concierge

Choose this option if you are an appointment or reservation based business like a clinic, hotel, or rental desk. The Virtual Concierge manages low contact interactions in place of traditional waiting rooms or lobbies by enabling virtual check ins with automated 2-way messaging.

Curbside Wizard

Choose this option if you offer the exchange of physical goods or takeout orders. The Curbside Wizard enables easy to use, automated status updates to keep customers and businesses on the same page when orders need to be exchanged.

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