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We used key industry feedback to address common checkin and pickup frustrations. Together, let's get rid of long wait times and confusion over new policies while keeping safety a priority.

By The Numbers

An independent poll recently commissioned by our company revealed some clear trends:

Up to 95% of employers surveyed pay for PPE. With 29% also investing in new technologies.

As of August, 65% of employees surveyed worry about contact times with customers in the workplace.

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Virtual Checkin for Curbside Pickups

Offer Streamlined Pick Ups

For Dining • Retail • Packaged Goods

Choose this option if you offer the exchange of physical goods or takeout orders. The Curbside Wizard enables easy to use, automated status updates to keep customers and businesses on the same page when orders need to be exchanged.

  • Standalone web-based app You have the flexibility to use your Curbside Wizard whenever you choose. So you can adjust your checkin practice on a guest by guest basis.
  • No downloads for you or your guests The Curbside Wizard is a web-based app. It is accessible by most Internet connected devices via common web browsers.
  • No additional devices required Beyond an Internet connection and mobile phone, the Curbside Wizard is designed to work with your existing devices.
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop ready Built on a responsive web framework, the Curbside Wizard is designed to automatically fit the most common screen sizes out there.

Put the Curbside Wizard to the test. Free. And see how you can deliver a more streamlined pickup experience.