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How it Works

Experiences Designed to Fit Your Day

The check-in and pickup tools on iPlannedAhead were developed with both safety and efficiency in mind.

Our easy-to-use status updates keep customers and businesses on the same page. And in place of traditional waiting rooms or lobbies, you can enable virtual check-ins with automated 2-way messaging.


For Your Staff

One Account enables your employees to easily manage low contact interactions.

For Your Guests

For guests, there are No Accounts Required. No logins to remember or apps to download. Check-ins are enabled by URLs accessible by web browser.

See how it works: 

For Your Staff For Your Guests

Features to Reduce Contact and Increase Trust.

What's your process?

  1. Reservations or Appointments
  2. Pickups or Takeout Business

Whether your business offers physical products or appointment-based services, see how easy it can be to add mobile check-ins and simplified, automated 2-way alerts.

Better Customer Service Through Communication

Improve customer engagement without increasing physical contact or the burden on your employees.

Flexible plans starting at just $15/month

For Your Staff

Reduce manual or repetitive tasks for your staff and communicate quicker and more conveniently with your guests.

Simply save your contact information the first time you log in. Add as many check-in policies as needed to accommodate different requests and to standardize your notifications.

Offer mobile check-ins to your queue as an across the board amenity or on a by-request basis. Our easy to use dashboard is designed to work with–not replace–your existing booking engine.

You choose when to alert incoming guests that they can check-in. iPlannedAhead.com makes it easy to send standardized status updates and consistently communicate your policies and procedures.

A few clicks is all it takes to share status updates on an appointment or order. Send notifications via email and/or straight to your guest's unique check-in link.

For Your guests

Allow your guests to easily and remotely check-in from their vehicles. There are no separate downloads. And no logins to remember or user accounts required.

Whether they call or make their reservation online, you can give guests the ability to choose what type of check-in experience they prefer.

Guests receive an email alert with a private check-in link that, when used, alerts your staff to their arrival. Easily and consistently share your policies, contact details and check-in instructions.

Reduce confusion over changes to check-in policies and give your guests immediate instructions based on your policy selection.

The private check-in link makes it easy for a guest to view status updates on an appointment or order at any time. Status changes can be monitored by automated emails and/or directly on their unique check-in link.